Teaching Team

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior
teacher demonstrates. The great teacher INSPIRES.”
- William Arthur Ward

The teacher’s role according to Montessori methodology is to guide and observe rather than dictate, which enables the child to progress at an individual pace and rhythm. In this respect, our teachers are carefully selected based upon their educational philosophy as well as their skill set and qualifications.

Our Montessori teachers are dedicated to developing lifelong learners.  They are known for their warmth, commitment to their profession and loving spirit. They genuinely care about children, and have a sensitivity and knowledge to understand a child’s individual developmental needs and learning styles.  They take the time to help each child discover his or her own way of learning.

In addition to being fully qualified and to meeting strict state requirements including background checks and fingerprinting, our teachers' special skills include, but are not limited to, foreign languages, art, music and specializing degrees. Within the first year of employment with us, our teachers will receive close to 100 hours of specified training. Each year, they continue extensive training in order to keep up with current trends and research in regards to education and care of young children.

As a Montessori school, our team helps children to develop the habits, attitudes and skills  that lead to a lifetime of active thinking.