Health, Safety and Security

Health Practices: We ensure a focus on cleanliness, food handling, sick child policy and other practices in order to provide the best possible environment to foster growth and education for children.

Safety First: While your child is busy learning, playing, singing, painting and growing, you can take comfort in our commitment to providing a safe environment every day.  We have developed and implemented high standards of safety and security, guided by our Health and Safety policies and procedures that are reviewed and updated regularly. This includes playground safety, restroom safety and emergency preparedness.

Security: There is controlled access to our facility by means of an entry and exit system through the use of a door keypad to which a specific code is required. Each child is also required to be signed in and out each day with our closely monitored front desk.

Dress Code: It has been observed that students demonstrate better behavior and show more attention to school work when they are neatly dressed. The uniform dress code is mandatory and in effect for all students beginning in the Toddler classroom and up. Boys and girls should wear Neighborhood Academy polo shirts with khaki bottoms (pants, shorts, skirts, capris) and closed toe shoes.

Our uniform polo shirts are navy blue with our logo affixed in red and can be purchased at Designs In Thread, a local business here in Lubbock. Designs In Thread also has a selection of khaki bottoms available for purchase; however, parents are able to purchase khakis at other retail stores as well.


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