Class Sizes/Ratios

With small class sizes, progressive learning approaches are tailored to each child’s needs.  These low child-to-teacher ratios ensure attentiveness to every step of your child’s learning experience.

Our classroom ratios are well below the ratios mandated by the state of Texas and reflect our commitment to provide an environment conducive to excellent care and educational development of your child.

Age State Ratio Our Ratio
0 – 12 months 1:4 or 2:10 2:8
12 – 18 months 1:5 or 2:13 2:10
18 – 24 months 1:9 or 2:16 2:14
2 yr olds 1:11 or 2:22 2:16
3 yr olds 1:15 or 2:30 2:16
4 - 6 yr olds 1:18 or 2:30 2:16

Why are low child-teacher ratios so important?

The answer is: the lower the ratio, the more individual time, attention, and care your child will receive.

Grouping children in smaller numbers has been associated with:

  • Children imitating the speech and gestures of others earlier, and more often than usual.
  • Teachers having more time to give the best care and attention to children.
  • Children talking and playing more often.
  • Children being in distress less often.
  • Children being less exposed to danger.
  • Children having more positive developmental outcomes.
  • Children being more cooperative and more responsive to adults and other children.
  • Children being more likely to speak without being urged.
  • Children being less likely to wander aimlessly or be uninvolved in activities.
  • Children scoring higher on standardized tests.