Our Program

Neighborhood Academy is a privately owned and operated Montessori based child care and preschool program located in Southwest Lubbock. We are passionate about providing the highest quality of care including a fun-filled, rewarding program that balances each child’s intellectual, physical, social, creative and emotional needs.

We believe that the safety, care and education of young children develop and mold their self-esteem and prepare them to find happiness and success throughout their lives.

We are not your typical child care or preschool, but rather an early learning center designed to make the most of the windows of opportunity in a child’s brain development for math, science, music, art, foreign language acquisition and a multitude of other subjects. We offer a year-round, full day program to meet the varied needs of our families. We operate from Monday – Friday from 7:30am to 6:00pm.

Why choose Neighborhood Academy?

Our program sets itself apart from other programs by offering:

  • State-of-The-Art Montessori-Based Curriculum
  • Small Class Sizes
  • Highly Educated and Certified Teachers with Specialized Training

While our program is unique In Lubbock, TX, Montessori is a 100 year old, scientific and globally acclaimed method of education that is practiced in an estimated 4,500 schools in the US and more than 20,000 schools worldwide.

The Montessori Method develops the whole personality of the child; not merely their intellectual faculties but also their power of deliberation, initiative, creativity and independent choice.

Our unique program allows for each age group to be a full-time program. Many research studies indicate that young children need a higher level of consistency and order in their routine. Our all day Montessori program offers a familiar environment and a consistent community of children and staff throughout the day. Montessori work and lessons are available throughout the core of the school day.  The extended hours allow for a more relaxed pace with greater exploration opportunity and a more home-like environment, as well as cater to our families schedule needs.