Maria Montessori believed that children possess a mathematical mind. Throughout our program, children use hands-on learning materials that make abstract concepts clear and concrete. It is during the first six years of life that children are the most receptive to learning the foundations of mathematics concepts and skills that they will need for their lifetime of learning.

Math in the Montessori classroom involves a detailed and step-by–step approach and utilizes many materials which are unique to the Montessori methodology and environment. This gives children a solid understanding of basic mathematical principles, prepares them for later abstract reasoning, and helps to develop problem-solving capabilities. Children will learn about numbers, simple and complex addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, exchanging and fractions.

Examples of Math Activities:

  • Red and Blue Number Rods
  • Sandpaper Numbers and Objects for Counting
  • Spindle Boxes
  • Cards and Counter
  • Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division Boards
  • Stamp Game Exercises
  • Fractions and Equivalencies