There is no doubt that the toddler years can be challenging, but it is also a time when children have a passion for learning about the world around them. They are actively seeking out information and learn quickly and easily. Two year olds seem especially interested in demonstrating their independence and will understand and test authority as they learn to make choices.

Our teachers provide a stimulating learning environment that is full of activities which invite children to explore. Our independent toddlers select a task, complete it and then put it away. They learn to wash dishes and dress themselves, working through activities that develop self-confidence and a deep love of learning. Two year olds are much more interested in what they experience rather than what adults tell them; therefore, you could say that the world is their laboratory.

Open communication during the toddler years is essential for the child’s well-being while they reach and surpass many milestones in their development. Parents will receive daily written reports that share the highlights of the day as well as the progress that their child has made.

Classroom Schedule and Daily Routines:
At this stage, children will start to experience a more structured classroom routine. They will begin to learn valuable skills such as taking direction and sharing. The teacher will encourage participation in group activities to enhance developmental growth by practicing social skills such as cooperation and taking turns.

Children at this age start to develop friendships and gain confidence as they use their words and thoughts to interact with others. Our teachers will work with each child on developing their self-esteem and sense of accomplishment and give them the tools and guidance they need in order to learn in a comfortable and enriching environment.

Toilet training is introduced in the Toddler room for those children that are ready for it; however, it becomes a primary focus in the two year old room as research proves that this is the prime stage when children are ready for such a transition.

Our monthly lesson plan and classroom schedule are posted on our parent information board and will outline the daily activities of the day including meal times and rest time.

With frequent opportunities for group exercises, children will gain an awareness of others and a sense of group identity as well. Daily group time incorporates an array of activities including songs, games and stories.  Children will also take part in pretend play, learning games and hands on activities.

It is important for children at this age to begin expressing themselves creatively and we encourage all children to develop their unique skills and interests with the use of art and music. They will learn concepts and skills such as pushing and pulling, sorting objects by color and size and building on their early vocabulary.

Our teachers will focus on language development by introducing new words and songs with different languages such as Spanish and German. As muscle development and coordination continue to improve during this time, children will spend time outdoors with age appropriate toys and playground equipment as well as begin to be engaged in outdoor games and water play.