Our toddler community is a small group of children ages 18 months to 30 months. It is an age characterized by the need to explore everything as well as move and develop large motor coordination and strength. This classroom is carefully designed to meet the unique needs of this age group and the emphasis during the toddler years is on building self-confidence and fostering the natural curiosity that toddlers have. The furniture is child-sized and the materials are carefully chosen to be age appropriate.

Open communication during the toddler years is essential for the child’s well-being while they reach and surpass many milestones in their development. Parents will receive daily written reports that share the highlights of the day as well as the progress that their child has made.

Classroom Schedule and Daily Routines:
Toddlers are introduced to a daily routine and group schedule in this classroom. This includes periods of circle time, arts and crafts, and outdoor play where teachers can engage children in developmentally appropriate activities and lessons. It also provides children with opportunities to practice listening and cooperating as a group.

Toilet training is introduced in this classroom as children are wanting more to be dry and clean. Not all children are ready for toilet training at the same stage of development; therefore, there is no pressure or negative reinforcement if a child is not yet ready.

Our monthly lesson plan and classroom schedule are posted on our parent information board and will outline the daily activities of the day including meal times and rest time.

Our Montessori trained teachers are familiar with the stages of development for this age and have an extensive array of lessons including activities and developmentally appropriate education materials. The main focus includes language and motor development, assisting the child in developing self-help skills (including toileting), movement, art and music.

At this age, children are making strides verbally and socially. Our teachers will focus on language development by introducing new words and songs with different languages such as Spanish and German. As muscle development and coordination continue to improve during this time, children will spend time outdoors with age appropriate toys and playground equipment as well as begin to be engaged in outdoor games and water play.