By the age of three, most children are developing their independence, fine-tuning their coordination and communication skills and are eager to learn all they can about the world around them. They begin to interact more with their friends and refine their social skills by playing games and working together.

Our three year old classrooms are designed so that children can learn through play which promotes independence, encourages decision making and increases self-confidence. Children will choose their work from the different learning centers in the classroom and be able to learn and complete tasks with concentration and few interruptions. Teachers will also provide hands on activities that will continue to encourage them to explore, inquire and problem solve by working alone, with a friend or in small groups.

Classroom Schedule and Daily Routines:
As with our two year olds, children will continue to experience a more structured classroom routine. They will experience continued growth in sharing, taking direction, cooperating and taking turns which teaches the importance of being a team player.

Our monthly lesson plan and classroom schedule are posted on our parent information board and will outline the daily activities of the day including meal times and rest time.

Our three year olds will participate in group activities throughout the day as well as benefit from more focused one-on-one attention from our teachers.

Throughout the duration of this program, children will be introduced to our curriculum which will highlight the major Montessori subjects which are Sensorial, Practical Life, Mathematics, Sciences, Language, Geography and History. Each area has materials ranging in complexity from beginning to advanced skills so that each student may progress according to his /her capabilities and maturity levels. This allows them insight and preparation for our Primary classroom where studies in these subject will become more focused and advanced. We will focus on teaching the rich world of numbers, including sorting, grouping and counting as well as advanced math skills.

Daily activities will develop reading and writing skills, introduce important literacy concepts, encourage dramatic play and imagination as well as stimulate creative expression with art and music.

Language development is a continued focus throughout our program and our teachers will continue to be introducing new words and songs with different languages such as Spanish and German. Children will spend time outdoors on our playground with age appropriate toys and playground equipment as well as begin to be engaged in outdoor games and water play.