Mobile Infants (10-17 months)

At this age, children are on the move – crawling, walking, talking and beginning to be able to explore the world around them. Our program provides an environment where children can thrive on new experiences and build on previous knowledge to improve coordination, increase communication skills and further develop thinking and reasoning. Our teachers provide plenty of opportunity for exploration and play in a safe, secure and stimulating atmosphere.

Classroom Schedule and Daily Routines:
Similar to our younger infant nurseries, this age group is not managed on a strict group schedule because we recognize that each baby’s needs are still unique. At this point in a child’s life, some families continue to operate on structured scheduled routines for their infants; however, it is during the course of this program that children will be introduced to and grow more accustom to a group schedule in regards to eating and napping. Our monthly lesson plan is posted on the classroom’s parent information board and parents will receive a daily, personalized written report that highlights the details of their child’s day.

A typical day for our mobile infant group will consist of exploration and movement, play time, art, story time, songs and nursery rhymes.

Language development is an integral part of our mobile infant program. Our teachers encourage vocabulary development and will expand on each child’s knowledge of American Sign Language. Children will be introduced to language through the use of words, inflection, tone and body language.

Movement is an essential part of the day in this classroom as coordination and muscle development develops quickly. Our program is focused on providing a safe environment where children have the freedom to move about and play as well as interact socially with one another. Outdoor play is included in the daily routine with age appropriate toys and playground equipment provided to stimulate growth.