Four Through Six (Primary)

Children ages 4-6 years old form the classroom community in our primary program. This classroom provides a unique cycle of learning to include multiple ages where children learn in an environment being inspired by the work of others. Younger children learn quickly by simply observing others at work and the older children become responsible role models.

Our rich program will provide children with active learning using hand on tasks that supports the growth of social skills, concentration and problem solving qualities needed throughout life. The primary classroom is uniquely designed in an open space with multiple learning centers where children are allowed the freedom to explore and learn at their own pace. Since this is a sensitive period for social, emotional and academic growth, our enriching curriculum offers lessons and tasks focused on sensorial development, mathematical concepts, language, science, geography and handwriting. Each area has materials ranging in complexity from beginning to advanced skills so that each student may progress according to his /her capabilities and maturity levels.

In our primary classroom, children are taught awareness of their personal space and to take responsibility for their actions, building their self-esteem and independence. They will also develop social graces, muscular coordination, concentration skills, self-discipline and confidence.

Classroom Schedule and Daily Routines:
A structured classroom routine guides our primary classroom through their day. The day will begin with activities associated with school such as pledge of allegiance and group circle time to review days of the week and months of the year. Throughout the day, teachers will evaluate the needs of each child and help guide them into appropriate learning activities and one-on-one focused time.

Rest time in the afternoon helps children relax and prepare for more learning. The teacher is always present and children can read, draw or work on puzzles if they do not sleep or if they wake up early.

Our monthly lesson plan and classroom schedule are posted on our parent information board and will outline the daily activities of the day including meal times and rest time.

Group time provides an opportunity for children to develop social skills, learn to share ideas and listen to others as well as gain an awareness of others and a sense of group identity. Group times are scattered throughout the day to encourage a sense of community as well as teamwork.

Daily activities will develop reading and writing skills, introduce important literacy concepts, encourage dramatic play and imagination as well as stimulate creative expression with art and music.

Language development is a continued focus throughout our program and children will be immersed in different languages such as Spanish and German. Children will spend time outdoors on our playground with age appropriate toys and playground equipment as well as begin to be engaged in outdoor games and water play.

By the end of the elementary years, Montessori students have been well prepared for the world around them. Respect for others, the environment and themselves, a love of learning, and an unparalleled education are all gifts that a child has received with a Montessori education. It will last them a lifetime.